Widgets for Crypto, Stock Indices, and More

If you’re a publisher serving an audience of traders, our widgets can help you easily engage your audience with information they can use to confidently make data-driven trading decisions. Just click the clipboard icon to copy any of the embed codes below to transform your web site into a visually engaging destination with fresh information for traders to keep them on your site longer.

Crypto Summary Widget

<img src="https://www.cfdtrading.com/media/top-cryptos"><a href="https://www.cfdtrading.com/category/crypto-news/">CFDTrading.com - Cryptos</a>

Energy Commodities Summary Widget

<img src="https://www.cfdtrading.com/media/energy.png"><a href="https://www.cfdtrading.com/category/energy-commodity-news">CFDTrading.com - Energy Commodities</a>

Indices Summary Widget

<img src="https://www.cfdtrading.com/media/indices.png"><a href="https://www.cfdtrading.com/category/equity-indices">CFDTrading.com - Equity Indices</a>

Metals Summary Widget

<img src="https://www.cfdtrading.com/media/metals.png"><a href="https://www.cfdtrading.com/category/metals-news/">CFDTrading.com - Metals</a>

US Mega Cap Summary Widget

<img src="https://www.cfdtrading.com/media/mega-cap%20us%20stocks.png"><a href="https://www.cfdtrading.com/category/mega-cap-us-stocks-news/">CFDTrading.com - Mega Cap Stocks</a>

Need a Custom Widget?

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property by giving your audience something a little extra special, for select publishers and/or advertisers we offer:

  • Widgets featuring custom data
  • Branded widgets reflecting your style and logo
  • Widgets with SEO-friendly content to boost your rankings

If you need a widget that features greater customization/uniqueness, get in touch. We’re always happy to work with publishers and brokers to help traders confidently make sound, data-driven decisions!