Silver (XAGUSD) Up $0.1 in Last 4 Hours, Outperforms All metals; Came Into Today Up For the 2nd Consecutive Day

Silver 4 Hour Price Update

Updated December 17, 2020 01:58 AM GMT (09:58 PM EST)

Silver is up 0.41% ($0.1) since the last 4 hour candle, marking the 2nd consecutive candle an upward move has occurred. Relative to other instruments in the metals asset class, Silver ranked 2nd since the last 4 hour candle in terms of percentage price change.

Silver Daily Price Recap

Silver closed the previous day up 3.48% ($0.85); this denotes the 2nd consecutive day an increase has occurred. On a relative basis, today was pretty good: Silver bested all 5 of the assets in the metals class 🙂 Here is a daily price chart of Silver.


Silver Technical Analysis

First things first: Silver crossed above its 100 day moving average yesterday. Trend traders will want to observe that the strongest trend appears on the 90 day horizon; over that time period, price has been moving down. Interestingly, a trend in the other direction exists on the 14 day timeframe, where price is headed up. This may setup an interesting opportunity for traders looking to sell rallies in anticipation of the primary trend resuming. For another vantage point, consider that Silver’s price has gone up 6 of the previous 10 trading days.

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  • From thesloopjonb:

    @TheLastDegree Gv I am looking at the silver price and wondered if you are going to get groceries again today? Would it be possible for you to go shopping every day?

  • From MattStirner:

    $FSM Fortuna Silver Mines up 6% yesterday plus 4% today, these miners have been waiting eagerly to move up on #silver price increase like a sprinter ready at the blocks.