Silver (XAGUSD) Down $0.47 in Last 4 Hours, Underperforms All metals; Started Today Down 1.21%

Silver 4 Hour Price Update

Updated February 19, 2021 01:58 AM GMT (09:58 PM EST)

Silver is down 1.75% ($0.47) since the previous 4 hours, marking the 6th straight candle a decrease has occurred. On a relative basis, Silver was the worst performer out of all 5 of the assets in the metals asset class the current 4 hour candle.

Silver Daily Price Recap

The back and forth price flow continues for Silver, which started today off at 27.0158 US dollars, down 1.21% ($0.33) from yesterday. On a relative basis, Silver was the worst performer out of all 5 of the assets in the metals asset class today. The daily price chart of Silver below illustrates.


Silver Technical Analysis

Volatility for Silver has been contracting over the past two weeks relative to volatility over the past month. Whether volatility reverts will be something to watch. The clearest trend exists on the 30 day timeframe, which shows price moving up over that time. For additional context, note that price has gone down 7 out of the past 14 days.

Overheard on Twitter

Over on Twitter, here were the top tweets about Silver:

  • From MRoshiCrypto:

    @hunter_1st @PeterSchiff @SchiffGold BTC dumpt from 20k to 3K, everybody was saying that big guys where dumping and keeping BTC low, who would put money in BTC then? exactly smart money buys low while a BTC or Silver are pushed down. Silver price now is like BTC under 10K. Fanboys will be left behind.

  • From Minik5K:

    @TheLastDegree @WallStreetSLVR If the spike in the silver price in the beginning of the month showed to me its that when slv starts to run AG is going to be one of the best places to be initially until the juniors ignite along with it. Just my amateur opinion.

  • From MeerkatSmelly:

    @ArcadiaEconomic Did you listen to Ed Steer interview today ” Silver Price about to blow sky high” ? Chris, I’m starting to believe it’s really going to happen. God bless you guys, for leading the charge! #silversqueeze @ArcadiaEconomic

As for a news story related to Silver getting some buzz:

Ed Steer: Silver Price is About to Blow Sky High – Palisades Gold Radio

Ed explains how tight the silver markets have become and why the Comex is attempting to roll over as many contracts as possible to avoid delivery….Thousands of traders use the Comex markets, but eight large investment banks control more than half of the paper metals market.