S&P 500 (SPX) Moves Up For the 3rd Day In A Row; in a Downtrend Over Past 90 Days

S&P 500 Daily Price Recap

S&P 500 is up 0.02% ($0.52) since the day prior, marking the 3rd day in a row an upward move has occurred. Out of the 8 instruments in the 8 major global equity indices asset class, S&P 500 ended up ranking 4th for the day in terms of price change relative to the day prior. The daily price chart of S&P 500 below illustrates.

S&P 500 Technical Analysis

Volatility for S&P 500 has been contracting over the past two weeks relative to volatility over the past month. Whether volatility reverts will be something to watch. Trend traders will want to observe that the strongest trend appears on the 30 day horizon; over that time period, price has been moving up. For additional context, note that price has gone up 9 out of the past 14 days.

Overheard on Twitter

Over on Twitter, here were the top tweets about S&P 500:

  • From TomWhite_TDAN:

    Stocks open up down modestly on Sunday but #Bitcoin getting smacked 12%. $SPX $NDX $DJI $RUT. $NDX now up over 5% YTD while 33.5M jobs lost in last 7 weeks. S&P 500 only 14% below Feb ATH’s. Should be an Volatile week despite $VIX falling to late Feb levels.

  • From ToddinFL:

    Nasdaq +1.66% YTD
    S&P 500 – 9.31% YTD
    DJIA – 14.74% YTD
    DJ Transports -16.13% YTD
    NYSE Comp -18.39% YTD
    Russell 2000 -20.31% YTDLook at the disparity between Nasdaq and all the rest.$COMPX $SPX $IWM $DIA $NYSE $IWM

  • From MrMBrown:

    The S&P 500 ends the day flat, erasing an earlier gain, and closing below the key 61.8% retracementFinancials lag, healthcare leads$SPX