Ripple (XRP) Down $0.0003 Over Past 4 Hours, Entered Today Up For the 2nd Day In A Row; Pin Bar Pattern Appearing on Chart

Ripple 4 Hour Price Update

Updated June 30, 2020 11:20 PM GMT (07:20 PM EST)

Ripple is down 0.17% ($0.0003) since the last 4 hour candle, marking the 3rd candle in a row it has gone down. On a relative basis, Ripple was the worst performer out of all 5 of the assets in the Top Cryptos asset class during the last 4 hour candle.

Ripple Daily Price Recap

Ripple closed yesterday up 0.23% ($0.0004); this denotes the 2nd day in a row an upward move has occurred. As for how volume fared, yesterday’s volume was up 25.62% from the previous day (Sunday), and up 2.75% from Monday of the week before. On a relative basis, Ripple was the worst performer out of all 5 of the assets in the Top Cryptos asset class during yesterday. Let’s take a look at the daily price chart of Ripple.

Ripple Technical Analysis

The clearest trend exists on the 14 day timeframe, which shows price moving down over that time. Also of note is that on a 90 day basis price appears to be forming a base — which could the stage for it being a support/resistance level going forward. For additional context, note that price has gone down 16 out of the past 30 days.

Overheard on Twitter

Over on Twitter, here were the top tweets about Ripple:

  • From WietseWind:

    @alloynetworks @BitrueOfficial Twitter (in the XRP community, at least) became unusable for me. No way to find relevant Tweets. It’s mind boggling (imo) that there serious companies are doing giveaways in a ecosystem that is so vulnerable & prone to scams. Some of us try to protect/educate. Useless this way.

  • From ShirKhan1981:

    I think that @JoelKatz is doing all this riddle stuff for us. Call me naive but I feel that he is excited but can‘t express it due to NDAs – so his mind is paving its way in his traveler stories, leaving up enough room for interpretation to not harm anyone. $XRP #XRPCommunity

  • From MXrp007:

    I wanted to upgrade my business around 3 years ago.
    I’m glad I didn’t & invested most of the money into #XRP
    My friends & family are still laughing at me till this day.Never let anyone try to take you down or tear your dreams.#lifegoals!!!

As for a news story related to Ripple getting some buzz:

Korean remittance service CROSS runs on Ripple; a boost for XRP real life use cases 

Now, another instant remittance firm, CROSS, has adopted Ripple technology….Ripple has an ideal system for remittance payments, which is one of its key features and this makes it more suitable for networks like CROSS….XRP is a core subject to Ripple, as the blockchain firm uses XRP service (xRapid) for the payment method….Ripple’s growth is always key for XRP’s success and its adoption.