Pfizer Inc (PFE) Down 0.98%

The Hourly View for PFE

Last Updated March 1, 2021, 12:42 GMT

Currently, PFE’s price is down $-0.18 (-0.53%) from the hour prior. This is a reversal of the price action on the previous hour, in which price moved down. Regarding the trend, note that the strongest trend exists on the 50 hour timeframe. The moving averages on the hourly timeframe suggest a choppiness in price, as the are all in a mixed alignment — meaning the trend across timeframes is inconsistent, indicating a potential opportunity for rangebound traders.

Pfizer Inc Daily Price Recap

The back and forth price flow continues for Pfizer Inc, which started today off at 33.49 US dollars, down 0.98% ($0.33) from the previous day. The price move occurred on stronger volume; specifically, yesterday’s volume was up 10.63% from the day prior, and up 56.78% from the same day the week before. Below is a daily price chart of Pfizer Inc.


Pfizer Inc Technical Analysis

Volatility for Pfizer Inc has been contracting over the past two weeks relative to volatility over the past month. Whether volatility reverts will be something to watch. The clearest trend exists on the 14 day timeframe, which shows price moving down over that time. Or to view things another way, note that out of the past 14 days Pfizer Inc’s price has gone down 10 them.

Overheard Around the Web

Here’s what one trader on StockTwits recently had to say in regards to PFE:

    $PFE It was the second-largest pharmaceutical company in revenue in 2020. But the medical industry giant has had its share of legal troubles and scandal. This includes marketing fraud allegations and unapproved clinical trials. Pfizer had the lowest reputational score among the pharmaceutical companies that Reputation Institute looked at, based on the general public's perception of product, prices and public hospitality. It was reported in May that Pfizer used charity to mask a heart drug price hike. Pfizer also had a huge role in the drug shortage crisis, according to Fortune. The drug giant is now taking some new risks and dipping its toes into some uncharted scientific territories like gene therapy and cancer immunotherapy. “Pfizer’s reputation has remained consistent since 2017 and is on par with our multinational biopharmaceutical peers given the variance in reputation scores is limited.