Paypal May Be Offering a Trading Opportunity With Its Cross Above Its 20 Moving Average

The Hourly View for Paypal

  • Currently, PYPL’s price is up $0.35 (0.19%) from the hour prior.
  • This is the 2nd hour in a row Paypal has seen its price head up.
  • If you’re a trend trader, consider that the strongest clear trend on the hourly chart exists on the 50 hour timeframe.
  • Regarding moving averages, it should first be noted that price has crossed the 20 hour moving average, resulting in them with price now being above it. The moving averages on the hourly timeframe suggest a choppiness in price, as the 20, 50, 100 and 200 are all in a mixed alignment — meaning the trend across timeframes is inconsistent, indicating a potential opportunity for rangebound traders.

Paypal’s hourly price chart is shown below.


The Daily View for Paypal

  • At the time of this writing, PYPL’s price is down $-4.32 (-2.26%) from the day prior.
  • This move is a reversal from the day prior, which saw price move up.
  • Regarding the trend, note that the strongest trend exists on the 100 day timeframe.
  • Most noteworthy in the world of moving averages on the daily chart is that the 20 day moving average has been crossed, with price now being below it. The moving averages on the daily timeframe suggest a bearishness in price, as the 20, 50, 100 and 200 are all in a bearish alignment — meaning the shorter duration moving averages are below the longer duration averages, implying a stable downward trend.

Below is a daily price chart of Paypal.


Featured Paypal Idea From TradingView

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