Palladium (XPDUSD) Up $96.63 in Last 4 Hours, And A Story About Safe Havens; Outperforms All metals

Palladium Daily Price Recap

Palladium entered today at $2392.79395, up 3.43% ($79.38) from yesterday. Palladium outperformed all 5 assets in the metals asset class since yesterday. Below is a daily price chart of Palladium.


Palladium Technical Analysis

The clearest trend exists on the 90 day timeframe, which shows price moving up over that time. For another vantage point, consider that Palladium’s price has gone up 8 of the previous 14 trading days. As for those who trade off of candlesticks, we should note that we’re seeing pin bar pattern appearing here.

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    Hong Kong #Palladium #Price Morning Session Close: $2321.6 USD per oz 2020-09-14 14:30:18 HKT

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Palladium Price Forecast for H2 of 2020: Both Fundamentals and Technicals Point Up – FX Leaders

So in general, palladium has only increased in value – be it in times of economic boom or economic doom – both as a commodity, where the demand will continue to increase, and as a safe haven….During the 2008 crisis, palladium didn’t surge as much as gold did, and it traded in a slow but steady uptrend until 2008, which showed that it was increasing in value as a commodity in demand, as the global economy was rebounding from the economic crisis of 2008-09….The USD has been in a freefall for some time, which has been keeping risk assets and safe havens well bid, with palladium turning bullish again in July….As a result, the global equity market often moves lower, while trading in safe havens, like the US dollar and palladium, remains bullish….Obviously, palladium has a mind of its own, switching from a safe haven to a commodity, but mostly benefiting from both, since the price has been increasing since 2009….DXY turns bullish first, then bearish XPD/USD turned bearish first, then bullish During the same period, the XPD/USD retreated lower, which means that the increase in the USD had a negative impact on the price of palladium.