NIFTY 50 (NIFTY) Up $1.6 Over Past 4 Hours, Started Today Up 0.72%; Price Base in Formation Over Past 14 Days

NIFTY 50 4 Hour Price Update

Updated September 17, 2020 07:14 PM GMT (03:14 PM EST)

11534.9 was the closing price of the four-hour candle for NIFTY 50, resulting in the current 4 hour candle being one in which price moved up 0.01% ($1.6) from the previous 4 hours. Out of the 14 instruments in the equity indices asset class, NIFTY 50 ended up ranking 7th for the four-hour candle in terms of price change relative to the previous 4 hours.

NIFTY 50 Daily Price Recap

NIFTY 50 is up 0.72% (82.75) since the previous day, marking the 2nd day in a row an upward move has occurred. Relative to other instruments in the equity indices asset class, NIFTY 50 ranked 4th since the previous day in terms of percentage price change. The daily price chart of NIFTY 50 below illustrates.


NIFTY 50 Technical Analysis

The clearest trend exists on the 90 day timeframe, which shows price moving up over that time. Price action traders in particular will want to note that the 14 day period appears to show price forming a base; this could indicate that a support/resistance level is developing. Or to view things another way, note that out of the past 30 days NIFTY 50’s price has gone up 20 them.

Overheard on Twitter

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  • From IndiaEtfs:

    1 unit of Nifty 50 ETF is Rs.120.With 1 unit, you are able to buy India’s largest 50 companies – 15% of RIL, 10% HDFC bank & 5 % Infy, TCS etc. Buying a basket of 50 diversified companies.You could buy 1, 100 or 7511An investment product cannot be more simpler than this!

  • From nishant10a:

    @health_Zwealth @jaganmsna @RPGanesh11 More than 95% of listed companies be it PSU or private companies have kachra promoters. Be it Satyam or kingfisher or or educomp or suzlon or Banking PSUs or more. So better not to write abt promoters quality in market. Even the top Nifty 50 companies promoters have rigged prices

  • From MotilalOswalLtd:

    The Asset under management (AUM) of all the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) tracking Nifty 50 index in India has crossed a new milestone of Rs1 lakh crore (Rs. 1 Trillion). The total AUM of the ETF (Equity & Debt) Industry in India has crossed Rs2 Lakh crores. #MOMarketUpdates