Natural Gas (NG1) Up 5.28%

Natural Gas Daily Price Recap

The back and forth price flow continues for Natural Gas, which started today off at 1.935 US dollars, up 5.28% ($0.097) from the previous day. Out of the 6 instruments in the energy commodity asset class, Natural Gas ended up ranking 5th for the day in terms of price change relative to the previous day. Below is a daily price chart of Natural Gas.

Natural Gas Technical Analysis

Coming into today Natural Gas is now close to its 100 day moving averages, which may act as price barrier for the asset. Trend traders will want to observe that the strongest trend appears on the 90 day horizon; over that time period, price has been moving down. For another vantage point, consider that Natural Gas’s price has gone down 6 of the previous 10 trading days.

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  • From JenniferGame6:

    The RBA says Australians who want to benefit from our natural gas should buy shares in foreign owned gas companies (we get paid $300 million in tax on $55 BN of export sales). Is it time for the government to buy oil & gas projects while they are cheap? @PaulineHansonOz #oil

  • From katlinegrey:

    … Krylo-SV will land like a plane (on a folded wing -K.P.) due to the Russian geographical specifics. If Roscosmos finds this landing type effective and simple, then a middle-class rocket will be developed, now they call it Soyuz-SPG. It will use liquid natural gas as fuel.

  • From ninong_erring:

    Dear Sir Chhota Bhai Shri @dpradhanbjp Ji,I have returned to Arunachal Pradesh now to serve here and as an old colleague & also former member of Petroleum and Natural Gas committee I would like to bring your attention towards the declining prices of crude oil.

For a longer news piece related to NG1 that’s been generating discussion, check out:

Inside the Fight to Save Texas’ Pristine Southern Coast From the Natural Gas Industry – The Texas Observer

Beginning just across the highway from the Bahia Grande and extending nearly to the town of Port Isabel, a trio of fossil fuel companies is planning an industrial complex the likes of which Texas’ Rio Grande Valley has never seen….The companies are planning to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants, projects that would pipe in fracked natural gas from West and South Texas, hyper-cool it to liquid form, and send it off in hulking tanker ships to Europe and Asia….In June, the city of Port Isabel convinced the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to grant what’s called a “contested case hearing”—a proceeding similar to a civil trial—on Texas LNG’s air permit, setting the project back a year….The three LNG export facilities in South Texas are part of a nationwide wave of around a dozen such facilities currently proposed, overwhelmingly along the Gulf Coast….The Rio Grande LNG facility would be one of the largest in the country….The community is only a mile and a half from the proposed Texas LNG facility and sits right along the channel, where tankers will pass.