Gold (XAUUSD) Up $1.78 in Last 4 Hours, Moves Down For the 2nd Straight Day; Breaks Below 50 Day Average

Gold 4 Hour Price Update

Updated January 25, 2021 01:58 AM GMT (09:58 PM EST)

Gold came into the current 4 hour candle up 0.1% ($1.78) from the open of the last 4 hour candle, marking the 2nd candle in a row an increase has occurred. Relative to other instruments in the metals asset class, Gold ranked 4th since the last 4 hour candle in terms of percentage price change.

Gold Daily Price Recap

Gold came into today down 0.93% ($17.36) from the open of the day prior, marking the 2nd straight day a decline has happened. Out of the 5 instruments in the metals asset class, Gold ended up ranking 3rd for the day in terms of price change relative to the day prior. Let’s take a look at the daily price chart of Gold.


Gold Technical Analysis

Notably, Gold crossed below its 50 day moving average yesterday. For additional context, note that price has gone up 16 out of the past 30 days.

Overheard on Twitter

Over on Twitter, here were the top tweets about Gold:

  • From Millbee:

    That xbox gold price hike uturn was so quick I got whiplash.
    You can’t double the price of it and expect people not to be outraged, you gotta creep it up Netflix do £1 or £2 at a time. I imagine they’ll do that at a later time in the future instead.


    So glad Xbox has taken back its decision to revert the Xbox Gold price increase. Everyones voice made the difference even though the decision to increase the price from $60 to $120 was insane and should never of happenedI get prices sometimes need to go up but not 100% increase

  • From qin_duke:

    Qin, there was a rather rare method of smelting used to extract the maximum amount of Silver from surrounding ore as possible. This was because silver was so damn rate that it was required. Prior to the flood of Spanish silver during the Ming, the silver gold price ratio was

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