Facebook Inc (FB) Down 0.05%; Pin Bar Pattern Appearing on Chart

Facebook Inc 4 Hour Price Update

Updated June 18, 2020 05:03 PM GMT (01:03 PM EST)

The price of FB dropped $-1.28 (-0.54%) over the past four hours. To help put that in perspective, note that Facebook Inc’s peers in the in the Business Services industry are up 0.23% on average during this time, while its counterparts in the broader Technology sector are down by an average of -0.11%.

Facebook Inc Daily Price Recap

The end of a 3 day positive run has come for Facebook Inc, which finished yesterday down 0.05% ($0.12). The price move occurred on stronger volume; specifically, yesterday’s volume was up 29.33% from the day prior, and up 26.97% from the same day the week before. Let’s take a look at the daily price chart of Facebook Inc.

Facebook Inc Technical Analysis

Coming into today Facebook Inc is now close to its 20 day averages, located at 231.18 respectively, and thus may be at a key juncture along those timeframes. Volatility for Facebook Inc has been contracting over the past two weeks relative to volatility over the past month. Whether volatility reverts will be something to watch. The clearest trend exists on the 30 day timeframe, which shows price moving up over that time. For another vantage point, consider that Facebook Inc’s price has gone up 6 of the previous 10 trading days. And for candlestick traders, a special treat: there is a pin bar pattern showing up on the charts as well. Rejoice!

Overheard Around the Web

Over on StockTwits, here’s an example of what they’re saying about FB:

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    Senate GOP … Despite Bolton's revelations, still have no guts to stand up for Truth and Country… Only focuses on re-election. Sleaze bags of the highest quality… Traitors. $TWTR $FB Bolton is a traitor too for not testifying in the House. $TSLA

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