Ethereum (ETH) Closes Last Hour Down $-20.13; Heads Up For the 2nd Consecutive Day

The Hourly View for ETH

Last Updated September 9, 2021, 18:17 GMT

At the moment, Ethereum’s price is down $-20.13 (-0.57%) from the hour prior. This is the 2nd straight hour Ethereum has seen its price head down. As for the trend on the hourly timeframe, we see the clearest trend on the 100 hour timeframe. Regarding moving averages, it should first be noted that price has crossed the 20 hour moving average, resulting in them so that price is now turning below it. The moving averages on the hourly timeframe suggest a choppiness in price, as the 20, 50, 100 and 200 are all in a mixed alignment — meaning the trend across timeframes is inconsistent, indicating a potential opportunity for rangebound traders.

Ethereum Daily Price Recap

Ethereum is up 3.8% ($103.51) since yesterday, marking the 2nd consecutive day an increase has occurred. As for how volume fared, yesterday’s volume was up 55.61% from the previous day (Tuesday), and up 174.93% from Wednesday of the week before. On a relative basis, yesterday was pretty good: Ethereum bested all 7 of the assets in the Top Cryptos class ๐Ÿ™‚ The daily price chart of Ethereum below illustrates.


Ethereum Technical Analysis

The clearest trend exists on the 14 day timeframe, which shows price moving up over that time. For additional context, note that price has gone up 8 out of the past 10 days.

Overheard on Twitter

Over on Twitter, here were the top tweets about Ethereum:

  • From jebus911:

    Welp, if the SEC doesn’t want us to stake usdc in coinbase I guess we’ll just have to withdrawal to ethereum, lock it in aave, borrow usdt against it, buy uni with that, bridge the uni to bsc, lock the uni in cream, borrow bnb against the uni, and buy nudey nfts on treat

  • From chickaNFT:

    Devs see Ethereum as a great project, and want to improve or build on it.Investors see Ethereum as a great company, and want to own pieces of it or build with it.Degens see cartoon penises and gamble away their life savings in 2 seconds.Which one are you? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’ญ

  • From jayks17:

    1/ #Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform as measured by time-to-finality. Amongst many strengths, compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) from day 1 has been a catalyst for Avalanche’s growth and is critical towards its mainstream adoption.A ๐Ÿงต