Ethereum (ETH) Up 2.42%; in an Uptrend Over Past 14 Days

Ethereum Price Recap

Ethereum is up 2.42% since yesterday, marking day in a row it has gone up. The price move occurred on volume that was down 18.16% from the day prior, but up 31.72% from the same day the week before. Out of the 5 instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Ethereum ended up ranking 2nd for the day in terms of day-over-day price change. The price chart of Ethereum below illustrates.

Ethereum Technical Analysis

Volatility for Ethereum has exploded over the past two weeks relative to the past 30 days, which technical traders will want to note. Trend traders will want to observe that the strongest trend appears on the 14 day horizon; over that time period, price has been moving up. For additional context, note that price has gone up 18 out of the past 30 days.

Overheard on Twitter

For laughs, fights, or genuinely useful information, let’s see what the most popular tweets pertaining to Ethereum for the past day were:

  • From lawmaster:

    This TRON theatre is so cringe I can’t even believe that this is a serious thing happening. It’s the textbook “trolling” that could harm a lot of people. Saying that it’s more decentralized than Ethereum is a joke. It’s time to start reflecting about why is this even happening

  • From jchervinsky:

    The painful irony of bitcoin celebrities who are so eager to make Ethereum look like a scam, they can’t tell they’ve been tricked into actively promoting Tron. \U0001f926‍♂️

  • From PeterMcCormack:

    My exclusive interview with @justinsuntron is now available. We discuss:
    – Tron’s value proposition
    – Why Tron is an #ethereum killer
    – Why you should buy TronIs this true @VitalikButerin?

In terms of news links for Ethereum here’s one to try:

Bitcoin, not Ethereum – Damian Durruty – Medium

Ethereum was first to market in the smart contract space, has the most mindshare and a sizeable moat, but the moat between Ethereum and other smart contract platforms is smaller than the digital gold moat between Bitcoin and any other altcoin….Bitcoin does not need to scale to be digital gold, since most people buy Bitcoin on centralized exchanges and maybe transfer it out to an external address once, a low time preference operation….The market follows Bitcoin Ethereum can crash and lose all of its value without it affecting Bitcoin….In contrast, if Bitcoin crashes all altcoins will be affected dramatically, including Ethereum….Bitcoin, being digital gold, is more likely to be perceived as a safe-haven asset….Ethereum is less secure than Bitcoin In the long run, investors are more likely to store more wealth into assets that are stable and secure.