CFDTrading relies on a team of writers, both public-facing and pseudonymous, to provide coverage of the world’s financial markets throughout the day. Learn more about the contributors below.

Simit Patel
Simit Patel is a currency trader with decades of experience in the world’s financial markets. He combines price action analysis with macroeconomics to make trading decisions, typically on the basis of daily or weekly timeframes.

Russell Shor
Based out of South Africa, Russell holds a Certified Financial Technician and Master of Financial Technical Analysis qualifications from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). He is a full member of the Society of Technical Analysts in the United Kingdom.

Forex Frank
“Forex Frank” is the pseudonym of CFDTrading’s beat forex writer, responsible for providing market coverage throughout the day on the 40 most commonly traded currency pairs. Frank relies heavily on analysis of intraday price action and moving averages to make trading decisions.

Curtis Crypto
The pseudonymous “Curtis Crypto” is a writer responsible for covering the 5 most commonly traded cryptocurrencies. Curtis’ background in technology journalism and currency trading make him uniquely qualified to cover the cryptocurrency market here at CFDTrading.

Energy Ellen
“Energy Ellen” is a newcomer to the energy markets, having spent her earlier years covering forex and equity indices. In addition to her dogs and cats, she’s excited about the transformations going on in the energy market and how they intersect with the other big “E”‘s — environment and economy.

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