Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fares the Worst Out of Top Cryptos; Down 11.09%

Bitcoin Cash Price Recap

Bitcoin Cash is down 11.09% since yesterday, marking a reversal from the day prior — and the end of a 4 day positive run. The price move occurred on stronger volume; specifically, yesterday’s volume was up 5.32% from the day prior, and up 28.79% from the same day the week before. Those trading within the Top Cryptos asset class should know that Bitcoin Cash was the worst performer in the class. Below is a price chart of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis

Notably, Bitcoin Cash is now close to its 20 day averages, located at 421.73 respectively, and thus may be at a key juncture along those timeframes. Volatility for Bitcoin Cash has exploded over the past two weeks relative to the past 30 days, which technical traders will want to note. The clearest trend exists on the 30 day timeframe, which shows price moving up over that time. For additional context, note that price has gone up 10 out of the past 14 days.

Overheard on Twitter

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  • From PeterRizun:

    2/2 This will test if Bitcoin Cash can avoid being captured by a group of developers. Bitcoin does not have payouts to 3rd parties encoded into its protocol. If exchanges and miners download and run the new version of ABC, BCH will be Bcash with no rights to the name “bitcoin.”

  • From vinarmani:

    I did a 3-day fast (water only) and wound up discovering a new protocol that has the potential to 100x the peer-to-peer commercial power of Bitcoin Cash.

  • From howelzy:

    WARNING: @BitcoinABC has now been officially classified as a bad acting organisation and is openly hostile towards the Bitcoin Cash BCH network, community and ecosystem.As announced today, devs plan to introduce a mandatory mining tax to pay themselves.THIS IS NOT BITCOIN!