Best of FinTwit: 2021-07-20

Below are the top tweets from the brightest financial minds on Twitter, as determined by @finchartbot, for July 20, 2021.

  1. This thread is excellent.

    Does an awesome job of illustrating how (dollar denominated) debt is likely to be the catalyst for what comes, and how that can snowball.

    (debt is kinda always the catalyst, really…)

    h/t @brucedkleinman [View on Twitter]


  2. 🚨🚨 1. Evergrande thread since its liquidity crisis which has been playing out for over a year seems to be quickly accelerating and why it matters 👇👇 [View on Twitter]


  3. far beyond M&A — there’s so much wild stuff that could/should happen that never does and often because it hasn’t been done before. One of the more exciting aspects of DeFi imo. Friends of CD know how deep the galaxy brain river runs over here. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk. [View on Twitter]


  4. *New Post: $ETSY: Building a House of Brands*

    I really enjoyed researching $ETSY, and I believe ETSY represents an attractive investment opportunity, with a base case of a 15% IRR through 2030.

    If you enjoy please share! [View on Twitter]


  5. BREAKING: The New Jersey Attorney General is preparing a cease and desist order against multi-billion dollar bitcoin financial services platform BlockFi:
    @Steven_Ehrlich and @DelRayMan via @ForbesCrypto [View on Twitter]


  6. Don’t forget $NFLX reports this afternoon. I hear they are going to stream a movie that someone actually wants to see (and usually has to go to Amazon Prime to watch for $3) [View on Twitter]