Best of FinTwit: 2021-05-30

Below are the top tweets from the brightest financial minds on Twitter, as determined by @finchartbot, for May 30, 2021.

  1. This is another must-read thread from the surgeon, @ChrisBloomstran

    Chris picks apart the way finance works in the Age Of The Charlatan piece by piece.

    This is how the sausage is made, folks. Please share it widely. Perhaps we can save a few suckers from being wiped out. [View on Twitter]


  2. On this date in 1974, Lenny Randle was thrown behind, so he dropped a bunt down just to LEVEL the pitcher [View on Twitter]


  3. Just writing GMI and found this chart… US Household net worth in Fed Balance Sheet terms. Wow, no wonder people are angry and scared and splintering left and right to find answers… [View on Twitter]


  4. #MFTF 2021 Announcement:

    We are going to MARCH FOR THE FALLEN next Fall.

    Save the date: September 25, 2021.

    Sign up for updates:

    cc @JLGronski

    Please spread the word. Enjoy Memorial Day! [View on Twitter]


  5. PSA: When the Fed increases or decreases its balance sheet there is zero change in the net worth of the private sector, households included. Absolutely none. [View on Twitter]


  6. Having been a target myself and having watching intensely as the wretched, despicable cancel culture has wreaked havoc, I have learned one fundamental principle: apologizing does not help. Never. Grow a pair helps. [View on Twitter]