Best of FinTwit: 2021-03-30

Below are the top tweets from the brightest financial minds on Twitter, as determined by @finchartbot, for March 30, 2021.

  1. Never seen any infrastructure plan that pays for itself when it’s being managed by governments it’s always opposite but paper can be filled.

    China is the greatest example. Their infrastructure spending is the biggest hiccup now and pain in the ass which keeps raising defaults. [View on Twitter]


  2. $qqq chart to go with morning video as the talk will be about Rates all day $tlt [View on Twitter]


  3. Some asked me for my $tsla follow up as it hangs by a thread. I’ve avoided most of 2021 as it’s been below the 8/21day [View on Twitter]


  4. Some asked for my chart of $eth as I’ve been very active here [View on Twitter]


  5. From the newsletter

    $ES_F [View on Twitter]


  6. Never underestimate the inverse-relationship between confidence and scrutiny.

    Overconfidence creates blindness. [View on Twitter]