Best of FinTwit: 2021-02-25

Below are the top tweets from the brightest financial minds on Twitter, as determined by @finchartbot, for February 25, 2021.

  1. More $ARKK craziness:

    -70% correlation between how much of the market cap of a company ARKK owns and this week’s performance for that company.

    @choffstein [View on Twitter]


  2. Fear is too high:

    The spread between VIX and S&P Realized Volatility is at the Top 1% in data history (source JPM/BBG).

    1) Similar to when the global economy was recovering from past Major downturns.

    2) If history repeats, the Cyclical recovery may just be getting started. [View on Twitter]


  3. The 2/5/10yr butterfly has moved +23bps today which looks like a record 1-day move by more than 10bps. [View on Twitter]