Our Mission: Help Traders Make Better Decisions

CFDTrading is a news organization consisting of traders, software developers, and journalists all working towards a single mission: help traders make better decisions. To achieve this, we rely on three guiding principles, which we use to constantly challenge ourselves and raise our standards:

  1. Facts. Are we providing fact-based journalism? Are the facts we are citing relevant to traders? Have we helped traders understand why they might be relevant?
  2. Diversity. Are we providing a sufficiently diverse set of views, so that traders are aware of different perspectives? Are we helping traders make sense of the diversity of viewpoints?
  3. Brevity. Is our content long enough — but not any longer? Are we helping traders quickly understand the point and confidently take whatever action is best for them?

Our core team is an anonymous group of traders. We built this site to share our market insights and develop tools and content that would help us with our own decision-making process.

How are We Doing?

Feedback is always welcome. If you have any thoughts you’d like to share with us, or if you are interested in contributing content that you believe fits our mission, message us at info@cfdtrading.com.